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Sod Installation in Edmonton: Dos and Don’ts of Watering Sod

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The scent of burgers cooking on a BBQ. Kids yelling with joy as they jump through the jets of a garden sprinkler. The distant whirr of a lawnmower. Balmy summer afternoons wouldn’t be the same without the quintessential Canadian backyard. But exactly how do you get (and keep) your lawn summer-ready? The sod installation Edmonton experts at Sturgeon Valley Sod say good water habits are the first tool in your lawn maintenance tool kit. There’s so much contradictory advice out there on lawn watering needs. It can be hard to know what will work and what is a waste of time. This quick-list of simple sod watering dos and don’ts is guaranteed to inform. So whether you’re looking to refresh a lackluster lawn or you’ve had your yard laid with new sod–read on!

When Laying Sod Water Is Important

You’ve ordered some sod from your local supplier. You’ve picked your bare dirt yard clean of stones and weeds, . Now, you’re waiting for that delivery truck of green gold to arrive at your Edmonton home. It is now time to start watering your sod, when laying the sod it is important to ensure that the sod is does not shrink. In order to do this you should water the sod as you go. Only water the area that has been covered with sod. If you water the area where there is dirt it may wreck all the work you have done to get the ground ready for laying! Continue watering as you lay more sod, ensuring that the fresh areas being laid get a fresh dose of water. After all the sod has been laid a first deep soaking of water should be done. This soaking should be 6-8 inches of water. After the initial soak you should water the sod once or twice a day for the first 10-14 days to ensure optimal root growth. This also prevents your edges from drying out and the sod shrinking before it has had a chance to take root. This is especially important if you’re completing your new lawn in the hot summer months.

Optional: Water Your Lawn once a Week

Edmonton’s weather is dry in the winter and rainier in the summer. And while it’s often sunny, it’s also cool, so water evaporation is low. Under these circumstances, watering your grass once a week is a good rule of thumb. Brown spots, pale rings, and bare patches are signs of overwatering. To avoid this, place some straight-sided containers in different spots on your lawn. Measure the water they collect. Underwatering is easier to spot: the blades of grass change color from bright green to blue-grey or tan.

Don’t Ignore Local Water Management Policies

From Cape Town to Perth, places around the world are experiencing alarming water crises. Even water-rich Canada is not immune to water shortages and periods of drought. In Edmonton, tap water comes directly from the North Saskatchewan River. Low-cost guidelines from the local government that will promote the sustainability of this precious resource include: Installing a rain barrel to water your lawn with rain rather than tap water. Designing your backyard using low impact development (LID) principles to mimic the natural movement of water. And when buying sod, consider a water wise grass variety like the fescue mix offered by Sturgeon Valley Sod.

Do Ask Your Sod Installation Edmonton Supplier for Advice

The instant lawn installation and care guides over at the Sturgeon Valley Sod website are a perfect example of the kind of guidance you should be looking for. And if your questions can’t be answered online, don’t be afraid to drop the experts an email or give them a call.

Time to Get That Lawn Started!

Now that you’re a lawn watering expert, all that’s left to do is place an order with supplier Sturgeon Valley Sod. They are the sod installation Edmonton specialists for over 30 years!



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