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Sod Installation and Care Tips for Edmonton Residents

Sturgeon Valley Sod offers a diverse selection of top-notch, lush sod supplies in Edmonton. To keep your quick-lay sod vibrant and thriving, adhere to the guidelines we’ve summarized for sod installation and maintenance detailed below.

After laying grass, visit our lawn care section for tips on proper sod management, ensuring it receives the necessary care to stay robust and verdant. We're just a phone call away if you have inquiries regarding installing or upkeep of your quick-lay grass.

1 – Prepare Soil

Clear the designated sod area of stones, weeds, and other debris. Cultivate the soil between 2 to 6 inches deep. Should you need to adjust the elevation to the preferred level, contemplate incorporating sand, peat, or high-grade loam, blending it well with the native soil to an adequate depth. For soil that is particularly dense, we recommend enriching it with sand or peat to enhance its structure and water drainage.

2 – Grade

Meticulously even out all areas where the sod will be placed. Ensure the topsoil is 1 inch beneath sidewalks, patios, and driveways to make room for the thickness of the sod. A gentle roll over the soil will help identify low spots or uneven areas.

3 – Fertilize

Scatter chemical fertilizer onto the soil evenly at the rate recommended on the container. Rake in lightly. Be sure the soil is level and smooth before laying sod.

4 – Lay Sod

Lay the first strip of sod slabs along a straight line (use a string in irregular areas). Butt joints tightly, do not overlap edges. On the second strip, stagger joints much as in laying bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit curves, edges, and sprinkler heads.

5 – Water

DO NOT LAY WHOLE LAWN BEFORE WATERING! When a considerably large area has been sodded, water lightly to prevent drying. The warmer and dryer the weather, the greater the need for this fast initial watering. Continue to lay sod and water until installation is complete.

6 – Roll Lawn

After laying all sod, roll lightly to eliminate irregularities and to form good contact between the sod and soil. A heavy roller or excessive initial watering may cause roller marks, which should be avoided.

7 – Irrigate

Saturate the newly laid lawn completely. The soil underneath the sod should be well-drenched. The initial days post-installation are vital. Adjust the frequency of watering based on the weather to prevent the sod from drying out. The first round of watering should penetrate 6 to 8 inches deep. To gauge the volume of water applied, you can position a container on the sod.


Steps 5 and 7 – watering – must be followed for good results.

For an instant thick and green lawn, call the team at Sturgeon Valley Sod for your instant grass installation in Edmonton.


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Lawn Care and Maintenance

Once the sod is growing, it still requires a few things to stay healthy and to look great every year. Visit this section on our website to help you have the greenest lawn possible.

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