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Installation and Care of your Instant Grass in Edmonton

Sturgeon Valley Sod has a variety of quality and green sod supply in Edmonton. Ensure your instant grass remains green and healthy by following our recommended steps for your sod installation and care that you can see below.

Once you install your sod, you can also check out our lawn maintenance page to ensure that your sod is getting the treatment it needs to remains healthy and green. If you have any questions about how to install and maintain your instant grass, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

1 – Prepare Soil

Remove rocks, weeds, debris from the area to be sodded. Work up soil to a depth of 2 to 6 inches. If the material is required to bring the grade to the desired level, consider adding sand, peat, or good quality loam, and mix with your existing soil to a reasonable depth. If existing soil is of a heavy texture, we suggest adding sand, or peat, to improve texture and drainage.

2 – Grade

Carefully level all surfaces to be sodded. The soil surface should be 1 inch below walks, patios, and driveways to accommodate sod thickness. A light rolling will show up soil depressions or surface irregularities.

3 – Fertilize

Scatter chemical fertilizer onto the soil evenly at the rate recommended on the container. Rake in lightly. Be sure soil is level and smooth before laying sod.

4 – Lay Sod

Lay first strip of sod slabs along a straight line (use a string in irregular areas). Butt joints tightly, do not overlap edges. On the second strip, stagger joints much as in laying bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit curves, edges, and sprinkler heads.

5 – Water

DO NOT LAY WHOLE LAWN BEFORE WATERING! When a considerably large area has been sodded, water lightly to prevent drying. The warmer and dryer the weather, the greater the need for this fast initial watering. Continue to lay sod, and to water until installation is complete.

6 – Roll Lawn

After laying all sod, roll lightly to eliminate irregularities and to form good contact between the sod and soil. A very heavy roller or excessive initial watering may cause roller marks, and should be avoided.

7 – Irrigate

WATER THOROUGHLY the completed lawn surface. Soil should be moistened well below the sod. The first few days after installation are critical. Repeat sprinkling according to climatic conditions to avoid drying. Initial watering should be 6 to 8 inches. Place a bucket on your lawn to determine the amount of water that has been put on the sod.


Steps 5 and 7 – watering – must be followed for good results.

For an instant thick and green lawn, call the team at Sturgeon Valley Sod for your instant grass installation in Edmonton.


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Lawn Maintenance

Once the sod is growing, it still requires a few things to stay healthy and to look great every year. Here are a few articles to help you have the greenest lawn you possibly can.

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