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Grass Sod Maintenance in Edmonton

In order to keep your new grass sod in Edmonton green and healthy, we at Sturgeon Valley Sod, provide you with some helpful tips and suggestions. It’s important to follow these steps once your grass sod has been installed in Edmonton, this way you will ensure it's growing at a healthy pace from the start.

Using a sharp mower, cut your lawn to the height you prefer, but be careful to cut off no more than 1 quarter of the leaf. This may require 2 or 3 mows per week during rapid growing seasons.

It is preferable to water once a week, or as required, to maintain soil moisture and grass development rather than frequent shallow watering. A straight-edged container placed on your lawn during water will indicate the amount of water applied. The amount of water required will depend on temperature, soil texture and grass development at the time.

Your lawn should be fertilized about 3 times per year to supplement available plant nutrition and to promote healthy growth. For more information about fertilizer types and how to apply them, click here.

Eliminate Weeds for Healthy Grass Sod in Edmonton

To control weeds, disease or insect infestation, follow the manufacturer's recommendation if you are using spray. Caution should always be used with any spray. Consult with a local supplier, Department of Agriculture or properly qualified and licensed applicator. Relatively new formulations of fertilizer, fungicides or herbicides are easy and safe to use, given a reasonable control program. If a serious problem occurs, obtain assistance as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

A program of aeration, liming, top dressing for overseeding annually may be advisable to ensure healthy, vigorous, and continued growth, especially in problem areas. The appearance and aesthetic pleasure of your lawn will reflect the care you provide for it.

By following these steps, you can rest assured knowing that your new grass sod in Edmonton will grow to be fuller, greener and overall healthy. If you have more questions on how to increase the longevity of your green grass sod in Edmonton, give us a call today!


The following are some frequently asked questions about sod maintenance in Edmonton:

  • In What Way Is Sod Different From Grass?
    Sod is different from grass in the sense that it comes in rolls of mature grass, roots, and soil for the purpose of easy installation. This is different from the process of growing grass by seeding your lawn. The latter can take about 18 months to reach maturity, unlike sod.
  • Should I Choose Sod or Seeds?
    The answer to this depends entirely on your requirements. If you're looking for a quick and efficient way to transform the appearance of your outdoor spaces with lush grass, sod is the way to go.
  • How Much Will My Sod Cost?
    The cost of your sod in Edmonton will depend on factors such as the type of product you choose and the amount you require. To get a clearer idea, please contact us for a quote.

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Sod Installation

When you get your sod home what do you do with it? This section will help you get it on the ground properly and get it growing quickly so that you can have a nice lawn in no time at all!

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