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Sod Fertilizing Tips in Edmonton

Everyone has that one neighbour who always seems to have the greenest grass in the neighbourhood. And, no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to get the same results. With proper technique and application of fertilizer, you can be that neighbour. And, we at Sturgeon Valley Sod, are here to help you with that.

Keeping your grass green through the summer can be challenging, but making sure that your grass comes back green and healthy the next year requires planning. Part of that planning is the way you fertilize your lawn. When spring first rolls around, the snow is melting and the ground is beginning to thaw. The trees are beginning to bud and the grass is waking up from its long winter hibernation. This is a great time to begin fertilizing your lawn so it comes in strong and healthy. The fertilizer for this time of year should have a high nitrogen content to help get the grass growing quickly. This can be determined by the first number on the fertilizer bag. As shown in the picture below.

Would you like more sod fertilizing tips in Edmonton? Please get in touch with our sod experts. 

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Weed Control

To control weeds, disease or insect infestation, follow the manufacturer's recommendation if you are using spray. Caution should always be used with any spray. Consult with a local supplier, Department of Agriculture or properly qualified and licensed applicator. Relatively new formulations of fertilizer, fungicides or herbicides are easy and safe to use, given a reasonable control program. If a serious problem occurs, obtain assistance as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

A program of aeration, liming, top dressing or overseeding annually may be advisable to ensure healthy, vigorous, and continued growth, especially in problem areas. The appearance and aesthetic pleasure of your lawn will reflect the care you provide for it.

Common Mistakes

When you fertilize your new sod, it is important that you follow proper methods to develop a beautiful and lush lawn that enhances your curb appeal. The fertilization process is critical for providing the new sod with the nutrients that it needs to grow. The following are some common mistakes that can occur during the fertilization:

  • Fertilizer burn: Fertilizer burn can take place if it is improperly applied. This can happen when alts in the fertilizer cause dehydration in the plant tissues. This process causes the sod stress, which leads to the formation of burn-like patches. While fertilizer burn can be reversed, you should take the necessary steps to avoid this mistake altogether. We recommend adhering to all the instructions mentioned on the label, making use of a slower-release product and watering after applying granular products. 

  • Fertilizer stripes: Fertilizer stripes refer to the occurrence of discoloured stripes on the lawn. This happens when there are gaps remaining due to not consistently aligning the spreader across each pass. The stripes will be dark green and lighter coloured alternatively. 

  • Overapplication: When you overapply fertilizer, you risk drying out the soil and even causing irreversible damage to the lawn. The nitrogen and salt levels can rise, causing burns. This beats the purpose of using fertilizer. We recommend our customers follow the policy of "less is more". Once you establish a healthy routine, you can increase the usage of fertilizer. 

Fertilization is crucial for lawn maintenance, and you shouldn't skip it. Your soil can only supply your new sod with a limited amount of nutrients. Fertilizers can replenish these nutrients, helping you create a healthy lawn. Please contact us if you'd like more sod fertilizing tips in Edmonton.

Get in Touch

We have served our clients by supplying them with quality sod for over 30 years. Our experience in the industry has given us a thorough understanding of the area's properties and of sod. We can provide you with all the information that you need to maintain your new sod and care for it in the proper manner. Please reach out if you require more sod fertilizing tips in Edmonton. Besides this, you can access our regularly updated blog for more information. 


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